Become a Thought Leader and Get Real ROI 

Gain visibility and distribution for your content by leveraging data analytics, professional video production, and multi-channel distribution (including email, social media, and SEM). 

You can engage with your target audience in any way you choose: from short video clips to webcasts to full-blown online courses, you'll be able to highlight your expertise and share it with the right decision-makers. 

With AltaClaro Law Firm Solutions, you can:

✔  Easily create and publish professional-quality video content

✔  Execute a multi-channel push to highly-targeted audiences (including GCs, executives, compliance, and other attorneys)

✔  Optimize your campaign based on sophisticated data analytics

✔  Connect via videoconference with highly-qualified leads based on the criteria you set

✔  Earn royalties or service credits for teaching on-demand classes on the AltaClaro platform


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