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NY and CA Licensed Attorneys: Earn 2.0 CLE Credits (1.0 Elimination of Bias Credit) 

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  • Comply with NY (state and city), CT, and CA laws, and reduce potential liability.
  • No silly videos with unrealistic scenarios.
  • Realistic training led by top attorneys with deep expertise in employment law and sexual harassment prevention.
  • Attorneys: Earn 2.0 CLE Credits*
    • 1.0 Elimination of Bias Credit 
    • 1.0 General Credit
* Available in CA and NY.
* Financial Aid may be available for qualifying participants.



Get the training you need

  • In the wake of #MeToo and rapid changes in the law, your company needs thoughtful and practical sexual harassment prevention training. 
  • Don't just comply — engage your personnel by enrolling them in an interactive experience that they will enjoy and learn from.

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(includes Supervisor & Non-Supervisor versions + NY/NYC, NJ, CT, MA, CA supplements + CLE version for attorneys)

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 1-9 $199.99
 10-99 $179.99
 100+ $79.99

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(NY state employers: please be advised that this course is designed for English-speaking employees. If you have employees whose primary language is not English but is among the several languages in which New York State has provided model sexual harassment training material and policies, they should receive their sexual harassment training in such language. The translations available as of January 1, 2019 may be viewed here.) 


Why this course?

Taught by the outstanding attorneys of Reavis Page Jump LLP, a law firm at the forefront of the #MeToo movement and company risk management, this training arms your organization with expert guidance and tactical tips to prevent unlawful harassment and discrimination, and mitigate the harms and risks inherent when it occurs.

Exceptional Content (Video & Quiz)

Exceptional Content:

✔  Overview of laws prohibiting workplace sexual harassment and discrimination

✔  Concrete, contextualized examples of harassment, discrimination and retaliation

✔ Honest examination of the effects of these behaviors on employees and your workplace

✔ State-specific supplementary  materials

 Unparalleled Features:

✔  Online, 24/7, self-paced training

✔  User-friendly

✔ Enterprise pricing

✔ Unique logins for each employee

✔ Company access to verify employee progress and generate reports  





Separate versions of the online course are available for:

  • Management and supervisory personnel
  • Non-supervisory employees


The course, when paired with the applicable supplements, fulfills the legal requirements of New York State, New York City, Connecticut and California in effect as of September 1, 2019.1 State-specific supplements also are available for employees in Massachusetts and
New Jersey.

The core course (i.e., without supplements) is valid in all other states and municipalities that do not have legal requirements regarding sexual harassment prevention training.

1Certain local, state or federal branches of government or governmental agencies may have specific training requirements applicable to certain types of city, state or federal employees in particular. This course is not specifically designed to address such requirements.


NY compliantNJ compliantCT compliantMJ compliantCA compliant


About the Faculty

AltaClaro has partnered with the professionals of Reavis Page Jump LLP, a law firm rich with first-hand experience on all sides of disputes over claims of sexual harassment and discrimination (including matters at the origin of #MeToo), to bring you a special online personnel training experience that is tailored not only to fulfill specific state and local requirements*, but to anchor and reinforce key ideas in your team's mindset, empowering your organization to reduce risk, raise the bar and build a better culture for years to come. 


Helen Diana (“Heidi”) Reavis, Esq. 



Lawrence Brocchini, Esq.


nikki square

Nikita (“Niki”) Bhargava, Esq.


Nicole Page, Esq.



Deena R. Merlen, Esq.



Ethan Krasnoo, Esq.



Jennifer M. Aponte

Head of Administration and Human Resources Manager


Alice K. Jump, Esq.



Mark H. Moore, Esq.



Jill Kahn Marshall, Esq.

* When paired with the applicable supplements, this online Course is designed to fulfill the legal requirements for sexual harassment prevention training under the laws of New York State, New York City, Connecticut and California in effect as of September 1, 2019.  Please note that under the training laws in California and Connecticut in particular, employees who are required to receive sexual harassment training must be provided an opportunity to ask questions and obtain answers from a trainer in a reasonably prompt manner (which means within no more than two business days, under California’s statute).  Accordingly, upon request, AltaClaro can arrange a post-training Q&A Session for an additional fee for employers that do not wish to provide their own trainer qualified under the applicable statutes to perform this additional training function.  Please email learning@altaclaro.com for details.

The contents of this page may be considered attorney advertising in some jurisdictions.