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Our online experiential learning resources can be deployed as for-credit courses, bootcamps, certification programs, or content libraries, letting you upskill your community the way you want--so they can get the jobs they need.

Our Students Come from Top Universities Across the United States--and Beyond


Practical, Experiential Learning = Positive Employment Outcomes


With AltaClaro you can:

  • Get your students ready for a competitive job market--during school and after graduation.
  • Plug our materials into existing courses, create new courses, create certifications, or offer virtual content libraries.
  • Fulfill experiential learning requirements.
  • Increase training retention and engagement through our technology driven solutions and program facilitators. 
  • Gain visibility with real-time analytics to better understand student engagement and outcomes.



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Effective Learning with ROI

Backed by education science, our 3-step experiential learning framework improves retention by 80% over typical online courses.


expert videos1

Dynamic Video Modules

Learn at a personalized pace, absorbing lessons in short, easily digested segments, led by experienced practitioners.


Mock Transactions

Apply lessons immediately to solve real-world client scenarios, using transaction documents derived from actual deals. 


Live Review Sessions

Deepen learning in virtual review sessions with an experienced practitioner. Review model answer and ask questions.

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Increased Retention & Engagement

Measure and track training engagement and performance using our state-of-the-art learning technology platform.


  • Private and co-branded dedicated learning management portal for your institution.
  • Private chat and discussion board capabilities for instructors and students.
  • Private user and admin dashboards to track learning analytics, engagement and performance.
  • Customizable engagement tools like infographics, badges, leaderboards, and nudge campaigns keep students coming back to learn.


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Interactive Experiential Learning in Key Corporate Topics 

AltaClaro students experience a dynamic learning journey covering 10 distinct subjects in the most in-demand areas of corporate law--from formation to sale of a hypothetical company.

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More Features than Other Digital Learning Solutions


Deep Learning for Students

Each course includes:

  • 60 minutes of bite-sized videos
  • 20+ interactive quiz questions
  • 1 mock transaction (based on real-world scenarios) to apply and practice your new knowledge
  • 1 model “answer” for the mock transaction
  • 1 live group review session with our/your firm's experienced practitioner to review mock transaction
  • Detailed course outline
  • Practice tips based on real-world situations
  • Practice area “roadmap”
  • Document templates and samples
  • Checklists and other supplemental learning resources

Powerful, Flexible Deployment Options

Designed to meet your school's unique needs:

  • Individual modules that can be deployed to supplement existing curricula
  • Intensive learning series that can be deployed as experiential learning for credit or as continuing education/certification programs
  • Unlimited access plans available
  • White-labeled and dedicated learning management portal for your institution
  • Turn-key solutions that can be deployed in minutes, or custom solutions supplemented by school resources--it's your choice 
  • Real-time learning analytics and dashboard to track engagement and performance
  • 12x7 dedicated support staff for deployment, engagement, collaboration, and maintenance


"I really liked the setup...it's structured so I can do either [1 unit a day or a whole course at once]. I like that it caters to all types of learners: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. The simulation assignment was very similar to what I would be given [at my summer associate position]."

Stephanie N.
JD Student (2L)

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Instructors Who Practice What They Teach

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Simply the Best Legal Skills Training Solution

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Real Students, Real Success 


Wai Zee

General Counsel, WeWork (Asia)

There is definitely a big need for this … Senior partners at firms are not spending enough time [on training] and most professional education out there is superficial."


Anu Jaya Naidu

Senior Counsel, The Offsite General Counsel

After these courses, you could come into a firm on day one, start diving into the documents, and provide meaningful input to the deal team. While [other courses] focus on the theoretical or updates in the law, this focuses on the practical and gives you a toolkit to jump-start or refresh your practice." 


Morgan Kearse

Corporate Counsel, Affinity Solutions

I developed practical legal skills that went far beyond the legal training provided in law school. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work on corporate transaction assignments that were similar to what a law firm associate would experience."



Gabriel Gutierrez

Associate, GHP Abogados (Costa Rica)

AltaClaro’s courses hit the right mark between being challenging and yet manageable for someone who is working while taking the program…”

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