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Don't Let the Competition Leave You Behind

Local LatAm attorneys aren't reaping the rewards they should from a growing global network




Just a few law firms are dominating market share in major Latin American countries, sometimes consuming as much as 70% of the multinational market. 

 Get your fair share with AltaClaro's help 



Gain the experience you need. Connect with global experts via Master Classes.

Dynamic Videos


✔  Assess your progress with interactive quizzes in a variety of formats

✔  Watch short, dynamic videos presented by experienced attorneys who practice law – not professors

Immersive Simulations


✔ Apply your knowledge to immersive simulation exercises that use concrete scenarios and real-world documents

✔ Collaborate with other students using our online discussion boards

V.I.P. Sessions


✔ Get expert one-on-one feedback on your simulation answers from experienced lawyers at top firms

✔ Learn best practices and practice tips based on actual deals and transactions


Find Out How to Boost Your Career With AltaClaro 



Showcase your expertise and access a network of renowned global attorneys.

Global Reach

office meeting

✔  Connect internationally with experts, build relationships and showcase your skills

✔  Multi-channel outreach to multinationals looking to hire attorneys in your area

Data Analytics


✔ Advanced Data Analytics at your disposal to help you leverage engagement with your content

✔  Real Return on Investment (ROI) for your business, join the digital age of marketing



✔  Showcase your skills and show your clients your knowledge and expertise

✔ Use the materials you develop in conjunction with AltaClaro on your own site, on other platforms, or however you wish.


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